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Scenario:  Ongoing global brand tracking studies sometimes get more than the usual updates – and changing formats in multi-country studies can raise many questions.

A recent case found a client planning the spring 2016 wave of a global fashion brand study in 11 countries.  But since they are transitioning the survey into a new program shell,  all 11 translated versions will need to be transitioned.

Client Concern:  What will be the level of effort required for the process of transferring the translations for 11 countries into the new shell?

The Conference Call:  Our client schtalking-135x102eduled a briefing with Daniel and Devorah with their 6 project team members and programmers to work through this .

Daniel asked several questions – and learned that the naming conventions will remain identical in the new shell.

Client:  So once you get a chance to look at the new MDDs if you could provide me with time and cost estimate for what you think it will take to transfer this over?

Daniel:  We’re not going to charge you at all for transferring it over.  It’s all part of the fun.

Client Team:  “Really?”   “Fabulous”   “Wonderful”   “Amazing”   “Thank you!”

Daniel:  Here’s what I’ll do:   I’ll take the old MDD and open it into the system as a new project.  Then I’ll export into excel to have it on record.

I’ll put the new MDD into the system as an update and then produce 2 excel files:

  • One will be the ‘delta’ file, telling us what has been updated. Anything deleted will not show up.  Anything where the English has been changed or added will show up.
  • And I’m going to give it also a complete export of the MDD so you can see which translations have come over

You can have it tomorrow.

Client:  No cost and we can have it tomorrow?  That’s great.  Just what we need.

Daniel:  And the price is right

Client Team: (laughter)

Client Feedback:  “Thank you again for your help sorting out the transfer, it was certainly a painless process for us. ”

Moral of the story:  TopTrans tools and project management talent transform translation potential nightmares into a manageable process.

Contact us to find out how the high value of no-cost TopTrans translation DFeingoldexpertise can help your global research succeed.

Daniel Feingold – TopTrans Co-Founder & Director of Operations


The High Value of No-Cost Translation Project Management