MimiMimi Vilenski
Managing Director

Mimi ensures that TopTrans business operations provide a strong foundation for our linguistic services.  

Translators appreciate timely payments, and clients welcome detailed invoicing and corporate responsiveness. As a former Senior VP of Development at Softel, Mimi was responsible for developing customized solutions for SW development and localization, while integrating budgetary compliance.

Mimi helped found TopTrans on the principle that fiscal responsiveness to clients and vendors provides a network of mutual benefit that encourages quality and efficiency.
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DanielDaniel Feingold
Director of Operations
Daniel guarantees that every problem has a solution.  

Clients value insightful troubleshooting at every step of production, and long-term management of complex data. Daniel’s previous experience as Senior Translation/Localization Project Manager and programming background established him as a premier solutions analyst.

Daniel established TopTrans to address the growing need for top-tier technologically advanced translation, localization, and multilingual graphics solutions with optimal workflow procedures.
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DevorahDevorah Beasley
Localization Manager

Devorah’s attention to detail assures clients meet their challenge for on-time, on budget deliverables.

Devorah’s 14-year reputation for ingenious problem solving is legendary among her long-term localization clients, including other translation companies.

Clients depend on Devorah for competent translation, graphics, and coding production and crisis management as needed.  Devorah joined TopTrans to formalize 5+ years of collaboration that she and Daniel Feingold have shared previously, to leverage their combined expertise and network of global talent resources.
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2404319Elena Perrouin–Strategic European Market Development
Elena’s localization experience optimizes TopTrans capacity to untangle tricky processes we deal with everyday.  She’s friendly, thorough, with a critical yet constructive approach for improvements, and a valuable asset to our European activity.  

Elena easily became a vital part of our team and we are happy to have her supporting promotion of TopTrans unique values in the Life Sciences industry.
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RayaRaya Wasser –Strategic US Market Development
Raya introduces US Life Sciences companies to the  unique benefits available to them at TopTrans.  With careful consideration, Raya helps global pharma, biotech, and medical device professionals identify ways for them to expedite their global localization process.   

Raya’s caring spirit and attention to detail help new clients feel confident about transitioning to solutions that help their projects completed on time and on budget.
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For help maximizing the value of your translations, contact me for a free consultation on your project:

DanielDaniel Feingold, TopTrans Co-Founder & Director of Operations


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