It sucks, right?  Giving up your Sunday to go into the office.  It usually means you have a nasty boss, an overwhelming workload, or a project in crisis.

Well, not for us.  As a matter of fact, we do it every week.  We all do.  It’s just the way it’s done around here.

Did you know that in Israel , the official work week is Sunday – Thursday?  Yes, that’s right.  Since the Jewish Sabbath begins on Friday evening, our weekend is Thursday evening – Saturday night.  Friday is a day off to get ready for the Sabbath, and Sunday is a regular workday.

Why should you care?  Well, other than yet another random yet fascinating piece of trivia to entertain your friends, it means that any translation work you send to us will be ready and waiting when you get into the office on Monday morning.   This gives us a significant advantage over other translation companies, and means we are available for urgent projects and can answer short deadline demands.

Send us the work on Friday and it will be ready for you by Monday morning!

How can we promise such a quick turnaround time?  Well, we went into the office on Sunday to get it done!

Working on Sunday
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